B&H Tool Works is ISO 9001 Certified by NSF-ISR
Helping manufacturers succeed since 1978

We design, build & repair Progressive Dies
Manufacturer of Special Tooling, Laser Cutting Services & Rapid Prototyping, and Reverse Engineering
Our goal is to deliver top quality products in a timely manner and at a competitive price.


We are a supplier to the automotive, appliance manufacturers & government contractors.

We also work with Aerospace, Food Service, Defense, Transportation, Consumer Goods, Housing & Industrial

Laser Cutting

Faster & more cost efficient than machining or save tooling cost on low & high volume parts.

We also offer press brake bending, welding, and full shop support to further process parts.


B&H offers complete 2D and 3D design capabilities using Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD.

Solid & surface modeling of complex components , able to use English or Metric data, and CAM-friendly data.

Progressive Dies

We specialize in the design, build, and repair of high-quality class ‘A’ metal stamping dies.

Complete turnkey projects from concept through PPAP, In-house die try-out capabilities up to 700 tons, ISO certified

About B&H Tool Works

B&H specializes in Class A progressive dies, special tooling of all types, and operates as a versatile manufacturer of stamping parts of all sizes. We are a Tier 2 supplier to both domestic and foreign automotive manufacturers which requires a constant upgrading to the very latest demands of our customers. Kentucky born - world class quality. B&H Tool Works and our experienced team are ready to give your project the care that it deserves.

Our Services

Dies & Metal Stampings
Dies Since 1978, B&H has specialized in the design, repair, and building of Class ‘A’ progressive tooling. By utilizing the latest technologies in CAD, laser, wire EDM, and CNC machining, we are able to better serve our customers quicker and more efficiently.

Metal Stamping B&H runs progressive and hand transfer stampings up to 700 tons. We are capable of stamping up to .318" material. Our in-house tool room and design engineers allow us to quickly and efficiently repair or modify dies.
Special Tooling & Laser Cutting
Special Tooling 7 CNC mills, 2 CNC lathe, and 10 wire EDM machines help B&H to create customer-needed specialty tooling. We specialize in the fabricating of special tooling and machinery including replacement details, jigs, fixtures, gages, and misc. parts.

Laser Cutting B&H was one of the first shops in Kentucky to offer laser cutting services. Our Trumpf 6KW Fiber laser has the following capabilities: Ability to modify existing 2D parts. Cut up to 1” Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum, also 3/8” Copper and Brass. Ability to cut stock-strips and avoid costly hard-tooling alternatives.
Engineering & Reverse Engineering
Engineering B&H offers complete 2D and 3D design capabilities using Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD. Our engineers are experienced in complex progressive and hand transfer tooling.

Reverse Engineering With our FaroArm-3D Measurement Arm & Global Performance 7.10.7 CMM we are able to take a customer’s original part and create usable CAD data in order to make the new detail.